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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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2019 Club Trip Schedule

The following is the tentative list of scheduled official PCC fishing trips for this year. Although there are likely to be additional trips added on short notice, following are the ones currently on the calendar. Most of these trips are generally limited to PCC members.

Two Separate Trips to Bishop:
January 11-14 and February 10-13.

These are Friday to Monday trips. Enjoy the year round fishing on the Lower and Upper Owens, Hot Creek or Walker rivers. There will be an organizational meeting at the PCC clubhouse before each trip.  For more information contact Tom Smith at 626-570-1038 or

Spring (Specific Date TBD):  Los Angeles River Carp Fishing Trip:  Fly fish the exotic Los Angeles River with carp fishing expert Mike Miller.  Trip coordinator is Mike Miller.  For more information contact Milke at

Summer (2019 Date TBD), Eastern Sierra Beginners' Trip:  PCC fishing trip for participants in the Introduction to Fly Fishing clinic. Goal of trip is to introduce beginner fly anglers to fly fishing on a stream, river, and/or lake. Space is limited so please contact Tom Smith at for more information and to reserve your spot.

June 14 - 17, Hot Creek Ranch: This is our annual trip to Hot Creek Ranch (, a private fly fishing ranch (dry flies only) located on the famous spring creek near Mammoth Lakes. There are nine housekeeping cabins streamside for 18 guests. You can reserve and make payments through the PCC website. Contact Fernando Vaszquez at for more inforrmation. 

Summer (Date TBD), Fly Fish the Surf Outing:  Thanks to the “big pond” to the west, we can fly fish locally, drought or no drought! Prior to the trip, an orientation clinic will be arranged to teach you the basics of fly fishing in the surf, including gear, stripping baskets, flies, special clothing and footwear, and the casting of sinking lines in an often chaotic environment. The specific beach and orientation meeting will be decided as we get closer to the date so as to optimize the fishing experience. Contact H. Carl Crawford at to reserve your spot.

Fall (2019 Date TBD), Southern Utah Guided Wade Trip:
3 days of guided walk and wade fishing in the Fremont River area of Southern Utah. The Quiet Fly Fisher in Loa, Utah, will guide.6 anglers maximum. Estimated cost is $475/angler for three days guided fishing plus gratuity and lodging.  Space is limited so please reserve with Coordinator Fred Uno at or (323) 376-4964 for details.

Fall (2019 Date TBD), Kern River:
Fish the Twenty Mile section of the Upper Kern River. For more information contact Scott at a

Fall (2019 Date TBD), San Juan River, New Mexico, Drift Boat Trip:
4 days drift boat fishing on the San Juan River in New Mexico.  Estimated cost is $1150 per angler which includes 4 days guided fishing, lodging, and meals at the Octagon Inn.  Not included is transportation to/from New Mexico, guide tips, and alcohol.  We can only take 6 anglers. Contact Bob Proctor at or  626-355-7339 or Harold Shively at or 626-483-3805 for more information or to reserve a spot for the trip

Fall (2019 Date TBD), Fly Fish the Surf Outing:  Thanks to the “big pond” to the west, we can fly fish locally, drought or no drought! The specific beach will be decided as we get closer to the date so as to optimize the fishing experience. Contact H. Carl Crawford at to reserve your spot.



For information on specific trips, please contact the individual coordinators: Tom Smith – 626-570-1038;Adrian Cid Uribe –; Bob Proctor –, 626-355-7339; Carl Crawford –; Scott Boller -; Mike Miller, Linda Ross, Fernando Vazquez, Fred Uno or 323-376-4964; Harold Shively or 626-483-3805; Pat Kudo;