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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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The Tenth Annual Yak Fest 
7:30 PM


Thursday, August 13, 2015
Pasadena Casting Club

Clubhouse & Pool


If you’re a newer member and imaginative, you may think the Yak Fest is celebrating the fly tying significance of the hair of the Yak (Bos grunniens), a large, shaggy-haired ox found in the Tibetan highlands--they certainly have plenty of hair. No, we’re talking about talking.

The Yak Fest is entirely an unstructured social event. All of our other monthly meetings have specific programs and speakers, which always seem to cut-off the lively pre-meeting banter. Without the interruption of a speaker,Club members have the chance to get to know each other,  make new friends, and chat aimlessly about fly fishing.

The venue is the Clubhouse and Casting Pool on a lovely summer evening, with the Club picking up the tab for a free meal for everyone. This is also a great event to bring  your family and friends - everyone is welcome.

 Although the event and dinner starts officially  at 7:30 p.m.,  we’ll be setting up the premises  beginning at approximately  6:00 p.m., so  show up whenever you want. Bring your fly      rod  and  cast beforehand.
 Paul Payan, whose culinary skills have made  him a very  popular person at PCC, is planning  an Italian-themed  dinner menu for the Yak  Fest. Soft drinks will be provided,  and all of this is free, with neither donation nor RSVP  required.
Wenda Payan, our Fundraising Chair and VP, has planned our monthly raffle with a special grand prize, so what you save in food costs you can spend on raffle tickets.


If you want to help, we can always use a hand before, during, and after the event with set-up and serving. Just contact Paul Payan at or 626-441-2491. Directions to the venue for newcomers can be found elsewhere at Clubhouse Directions.